Refurbished Xbox 360?

October 17, 2007

I think I should clarify.  It seems Microsoft does not support refurbished Xbox 360s unless you purchased one from them. If your Xbox 360 has been refurbished by another retailer or repair shop, then that shop would be the ones to check for warranty information unless otherwise specified.  When purchasing a refurbished Xbox 360, make sure to check the warranty and make certain Microsoft will support the machine.

So earlier today, Tiger Direct sent me this gem of an offer via e-mail. It looks like a $280 refurbished Xbox 360 Premium system. Look good so far? Then you scroll down to the specs and notice there’s no HDMI. It implicitly states the system can only output up to 1080i. So maybe that’s not too much of a problem since your TV can’t output in 1080p anyhow. After you scroll down a little further, you notice the warranty. Now I’m sure 360s don’t start bursting into flames every minute, but isn’t 2 months a little short for something known for overheating issues? The consoles were probably refurbished by the group offering the warranty, so they might not even have the heatsinks. Overall, my respect for Tiger Direct is still negligent.